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Terms & Conditions of all Vendor Booth Purchases

Vendor Rules for Event

Set-Up and Timing:

  1. Vendor Set-Up Time: Vendor set-up for the event will begin 1 hour prior to the start of the event. Vendors are expected to arrive promptly and be ready to set up their booths during this time.

  2. Set-Up Completion: All vendors must complete their set-up at 15 minutes before the start of the event. No exceptions will be made for late arrivals or delayed set-up. It is essential to ensure a smooth event flow.

Vendor Types:

  1. No Hot Food Vendors: Please note that hot food vendors are strictly prohibited at this event. Only vendors offering non-cooked or pre-packaged food items are allowed. If you have any doubts about your food offerings, please contact our office at

Booth Requirements:

  1. Booth Appearance: All vendor booths must be clean, well-organized, and visually appealing. Please bring any necessary equipment for your booth set-up. A table and chair will be provided by us unless otherwise stated.

  2. Signage: Vendors are encouraged to have clear and attractive signage displaying their business name and product offerings.

Health and Safety:

  1. Food Safety: Vendors must adhere to all local health and safety regulations. Ensure that your products are stored and handled properly to maintain food safety standards.

  2. COVID-19 Guidelines: All vendors and event attendees must follow any COVID-19 guidelines or restrictions in effect at the time of the event. This may include mask-wearing, social distancing, or other safety measures.

Sales and Transactions:

  1. Pricing: Clearly display prices for all items for sale. Vendors are responsible for setting and managing their own pricing.

  2. Payment Methods: Vendors should be prepared to accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment options.


  1. Clean-Up Time: Vendors are expected to clean up their booths promptly after the event's conclusion. All trash and waste generated by your booth must be properly disposed of in designated receptacles.

  2. Booth Area: Ensure that your booth area is left in the same condition as when you arrived. Any damage to the venue or surrounding areas caused by a vendor will be the responsibility of that vendor.

Compliance and Cooperation:

  1. Event Organizer Instructions: Vendors must follow any additional instructions provided by the event organizer. Cooperation and flexibility are essential for a successful event.

  2. Compliance with Laws: Vendors are responsible for complying with all local laws and regulations, including those related to permits and licenses.

Failure to adhere to these vendor rules may result in removal from the event without a refund. Please review and be prepared to follow these rules to ensure a successful and enjoyable event for all participants. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at prior to the event.

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